Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Change of Venue

Nothing ever stays the same. We have decided to try something new by shifting the blog site to the FDMC Foundation. The new format is somewhat limited but we want to encourage folks to visit and use the site, so we shall see how things develop.

How do you get there? Just click on this link;

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Technical Difficulties

We have not yet shut up shop for the summer if you were wondering why there has been no post this week. We are having difficulty uploading images so things may be a bit wordy until we get it sorted.

Yesterday was Junior Prizegiving Day and the last day for students in 2011. All went well and we will have some pics asap.

Friday, 2 December 2011

FDMC In Print

Mark Chamberlain, former student and teacher at FDC, now has six books published. The two recent ones should be of interest to old boys. One is a boys’ adventure book with the college as the setting. Called Eddie’s Big Fat Lies, it deals with the lying exploits of a student matching his wits against the staff. Old boys will recognize some of the teachers in the book though names have been changed. Set in present times, it also manages to include the former cadets core and that perennial favourite: the annual dance with Sacred Heart. Good for a laugh and a trip down memory lane.

The other book is Mark’s first work of adult fiction, Whenua. Former teacher, Lloyd Edwards, gives it the thumbs up. It follows the murder trail of a psychopath in the nineteenth century and is largely set in Taranaki. The dust cover has the following blurb:

Whenua brings to life the largely untold story of the dark struggle for land in nineteenth century Ireland and New Zealand.

This is the story of a family from the original inhabitants who lost their whenua. It is the story of poor Irish migrants who lost their land in Ireland and came looking for its replacement. It is the story of a young country’s beginnings and the theme that dominated and defined the history of its people: that ancient, destructive struggle for land.

Maharangi, grandson of a dispossessed chief, is determined to have land. His quest takes him south to Taranaki, the ancestral lands of his mother. There he joins in the bitter struggle to survive as his people’s lands are confiscated.
Ryan Kavanagh, son of a dispossessed tenant farmer in Ireland, migrates to New Zealand determined to have land with no qualms about killing to get what he wants.

Chamberlain has created a page turner of literary merit with unforgettable characters. His themes of unrequited love and the moral compromises of those fighting to survive will resonate with all who have suffered the painful loss of land.

You can find these books by Googling Amazon Books and writing in SHIHVILLAGEpublications in the search.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Well Done Blake

Good photo and article in today's Daily News on current student Blake Cameron and his top pass marks in the Trinity Music exams. Blake is a boarder who is activeley contributing to his own community back in Hawera - great to see.