Monday, 21 November 2011

Well Done Grads

The following former students graduated from Victoria University in 2010.

Tomas Bridgeman BCA, DPACCY
Daniel Burkett BAHons
Daniel Coombes BSC
Lee Finnerty BBSC
Ryan Fleming GDTCPR
Scott Fuglistaller BCA
Paul Gibbins BSC
Caleb Gordon BA
Jacob Manning BCA
Adam Meek BA, LLB
Ryan O’Byrne BA Hons
Kevin O’Donnell PGHCLT
Joseph Parr BCA
Simon Reeve MA
Patrick Squire BCA
Huaxiang Su BCA
James Tamarapa DPACCY
Matthew Warner BSC, LLB
Reuben Berghan BCA

Well done to all. We will continue to post the Graduate lists as Universities make them available to us.

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