Thursday, 10 November 2011

Special Awards

We know there are lots of old boys who want to know who won "their cup" so we are happy to post this years Special Awards list.

The Leo Walsh Award for Economics Ang, Aaron
Cultural Captain Cup Bakker, Jarrod
The Senior Cup For Mathematics With Statistics Bakker, Jarrod
Margaret Fleming Trophy Barrett, Scott
Kelly Endowment for Physics Bracegirdle, Joe
The Senior Cup for Chemistry Bracegirdle, Joe
Senior Cup for Mathematics with Calculus Bracegirdle, Joe
Senior Award for Accounting Bracegirdle, Joe
Shell Todd Oil Services Trophy for Senior Science Bracegirdle, Joe
Dux Award Bracegirdle, Joe
Medicross Award for Biology Bracegirdle, Joe
The Senior Cup for Classical Studies Carey, Jonathan
Proxime Accessit Carey, Jonathan
Senior Cup for Business Technology Churchman, Ryan
Moriarty Cup Clarke, Joe
Medal for Academic Excellence Fastier, Samuel
Michael Finnigan Award Fleming, Tyler
Peter Costello Trophy Fleming, Tyler
Daily News Award for Literary Excellence Forsythe, Patrick
The Smith Family Award for History Grainger, George
Gaines Award for the Study of Law Grainger, George
The Smith/Drinkwater Shield Grainger, George
Wayne Kibby Memorial Cup Hobbs, David
The Butterworth Cup for Culture Latap, Paul
Moana Clothing Senior Cup for Graphics Macdonald, Joshua
The Senior Cup for Physical Education McCallum, Luke
Lasallian Student Captain Monk, Benjamin
The Hills Family Award for English Murray, Alistair
Br Anthony Hawkins Memorial Trophy Neal, Shaun
First in Media Studies O'Donnell, Kieran
The Senior Cup for Geography O'Donnell, Kieran
Sports Captain Cup O'Donnell, Kieran
Medals for Academic Excellence Poole, Matthew
Medal for Academic Excellence Ritchie, Jonathan
The Roger French Cup for Visual Art Thomson, Samuel
The Margaret Wright Music Award Thomson, Samuel
Taama TuuTama Ora Award Walden, Teihorangi
Butler Family Trophy Walden, Teihorangi

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