Friday, 7 October 2011

A Colourful Occasion

Yesterday we had the last Colours Assembly of the year. A record 38 students received their colours with past Head Boy Jason Stevenson giving a speech and making the presentations. A great occasion for parents and students.

The List of Colours Awarded.

Nick Arnold --  Service 
Jarrod Bakker --  Culture and Service
Scott Barrett --  Sport
Dion Beer  --  Sport
Ryan Bishop  --  Sport
Sam Brailsford --  Sport
Tane Butler  --  Culture and Service
Joshua Connolly  --  Culture and Service
Jack De Luca  --  Service
Samuel Fastier  --  Sport
Jade Fleming --  Sport
Tyler Fleming  --  Service
Patrick Forsythe --  Sport
Chris Gawler  --  Service
George Grainger --  Culture and Service
David Hobbs  --  Service
Andrew Jane  --  Service
Oliver Klups  --  Sport
Jordan Lampe  --  Sport
Paul Latap  --  Culture and Service
Kurt Leuthart  --  Sport and Service
Tobias Looker  --  Sport
Luke McCallum  --  Sport and Service
Seth Marshall  --  Sport and Service
BJ Monk  --  Culture and Service
Alistair Murray  --  Culture
Shaun Neal  --  Service
Sam Notman  --  Culture
Kieran O’Donnell  --  Service
Daniel Phipps  --  Culture
Gerald-John Pike  --  Sport
Casey Reihana-Dombroski  --  Sport
Ricky Riccitelli  --  Sport
Shaun Sullivan  --  Sport
Samuel Thomson  --  Culture
Andrew Trolove  --  Sport
Teihorangi Walden  -- Sport and Service

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