Monday, 31 October 2011

All Feedback Welcome

Always good to have contact and info from old boys. Thanks to Ken Tocker for the following:

The members that I can recognize are
Back row: Jeff Gibb,John Kissick, Paddy C, Colin Mac, Denis Moynihan, Brian Ross.
Front row, Robert Watt(RIP), A, McAlpine, Vaughan Chapman, John Bourke (John Ross--maybe ?) Robert Watt.

Point of interest, a player in the the photo, Brian Ross in year prior to this team had performed a bowling feat that I am sure is still a school record. Must have been about 1966 or 1967, Brian Ross took 8 wickets with 8 consecutive balls. This was in days of 6 ball over's so, he bowled first 6 balls, then if I recall, Michael Weallens bowl from other end for couple of wickets, then Brian returned and took next 2 wickets with consecutive balls, Brother Justinian was the team coach from memory.

Ken Tocker, Khabarovsk, Russia.

Friday, 28 October 2011

In The Mix And In The Pix

It comes as no surprise that our old boys were right behind the All Blacks over the last 7 weeks and heavily involved in celebrating their World Cup victory. Three  such old boys, Campbell Fleming, Tim O'Dowd and Chris Charteris were good cases in point.

This image is taken from the All Blacks web site and we are sure there are plenty more images out there- if you have a good pic send it to us so that we can share.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

That Time Of Year

With the World Cup in the trophy cabinet it is time for us to be thinking about our own awards and trophies. Next Friday is the Senior Prize Giving Ceremony which also marks the last day of the senior's school year - something we are all looking forward to!

Pictured above is last year's graduating class - we will have photos and prize lists from the 2011 event in a week or so.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

From Southern Sudan

This month, we were pleased to welcome the Superior General of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, Br Alvaro, and General Counsellor, Br Jorge, to South Sudan – one day before the town lights went out! The chairperson of SSS and Superior General of the FCJ (Faithful Companions of Jesus) Sisters, Sr Kathryn O’Flynn is here at present. Although she has still to experience the comfort of a reliable power supply, her visit, as did Alvaro’s, brings great encouragement and support to those of us in South Sudan. Also visiting again are Brothers Craig and Amilcare who have done so much to fundraise and develop our buildings. It is gratifying for all who come to see so much has been achieved.

Unfortunately, our internet supplier has run into a major technical problem installing an upgrade. So all of our locations have been struggling for internet connectivity for ten days or more and have been totally off-line the past few days. So we are in the dark in more than one sense!

This report comes via ‘borrowed facilities’ but, otherwise, all goes well. My personal apologies to those whose emails I have appreciated but to whom I have been mostly unable to respond. The sudden death in PNG of inspiring, long-time friend, Brother Leo Scollen, a man who always treated the most needy with profound care and respect, reminds me to be grateful for my own good health and my wonderful companions on the journey.

Best wishes to all,
 Br Bill

Worrying Times

South Sudan has negotiated elections and the referendum, and achieved independence, with remarkable clam and stability. The fears of outbreaks of violence and lawlessness have been largely unfounded and the country has moved smoothly to becoming the world’s newest nation. There has been some inflation in prices and some shortages, especially in northern regions, but one can only say we have been well led to this point. Peace and stability have been preserved.

One cannot fail to notice there is a ‘liberation’ among the women in the style of western clothing they are now choosing to wear. People seem to be more relaxed and confident that they are indeed able to choose their own destiny rather than suffer the imposition from others; but there are some emerging concerns. The mood of optimism and confidence continues but slowly the awareness is dawning that independence does not bring instant rewards for the general population.

There has been no town power in Malakal since August 25th. The people of that city formerly received the benefits of a power supply every night. I was there for the independence celebrations on July 9th and we enjoyed power all that day. Before independence, a power grid operating during daylight hours in Wau. That has now ceased. Wau and Malakal, after Juba, are the two largest towns in South Sudan.

In Juba, however, twenty-four hours of power had continued. After all, it is the capital of the new country. But the last ‘town power’ in Juba was supplied on October 5th and it has now been almost two weeks with no sign of town electricity. ‘We have no fuel’ for the generators, we have been told. Fuel has been in short supply in Juba but new supplies became available a few days ago – but still no town power. Maybe it is a case of not having the money to buy the fuel.

Leading up to independence a huge amount of hurried work took place upgrading Malakal airport. Construction of a new international terminal was moving quickly. One could not help but be impressed that the modern new terminal was taking shape – especially since it had been partly constructed for several years - after two previous construction firms, at considerable intervals apart, walked off the job when they were not paid. This time it will be finished, we thought. Two weeks ago, the pace of construction had noticeably slowed but there was still a little work going on. Yesterday, although it was a normal working day, I noted the site gates were locked and there was no construction activity.

No doubt there is money flowing into Juba. Large, new, premium model, four-wheel drives are proliferating on the roads. Congested traffic is rapidly becoming the norm even with the improvement made to the roads since the war ended. Obviously, some people are prospering. I find myself surmising that money is reaching the pockets of the leaders but not much is getting through to support basic infrastructure. That is not good for the normal people of South Sudan.

Sudan, in the north, has made it more difficult by not allowing goods to flow over the border. There are rumours that the President, Al Bashir, is no longer in effective control. There are still agreements to be negotiated over revenue-sharing from oil – and debt sharing. How much of the present difficulties will turn out to be only the consequence of short term posturing is simply not known. I think general optimism still prevails; but it is clear that even in a climate of good-will, it will take time – and integrity – for a sound new infrastructure to be developed in South Sudan.                                   

- Br Bill

In the interim between my writing the above and having access to the internet to send it out, Juba town power returned.     Al hamdu lilah! ....  But it only lasted three hours!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Postive Thoughts (And Images)

As we hold our breath for the big final on Sunday night we offer this image as a bit of positive visualisation. Conrad Smith is seen celebrating a famous try in the first victory over NPBHS. Time has moved on and Conrad has filled out some, but we all hope he has plenty to jump up and down about Sunday night.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Not Gone, Just Away

Those of you who loyally follow our humble posts will have noted an absence of info in the last week. That is because we, like the students, are on holiday in far off places and sadly hotel internet can not be relied on for uploading images.

Rest assured we will be back by the end of this week and normal service will be resumed.

Friday, 7 October 2011

A Colourful Occasion

Yesterday we had the last Colours Assembly of the year. A record 38 students received their colours with past Head Boy Jason Stevenson giving a speech and making the presentations. A great occasion for parents and students.

The List of Colours Awarded.

Nick Arnold --  Service 
Jarrod Bakker --  Culture and Service
Scott Barrett --  Sport
Dion Beer  --  Sport
Ryan Bishop  --  Sport
Sam Brailsford --  Sport
Tane Butler  --  Culture and Service
Joshua Connolly  --  Culture and Service
Jack De Luca  --  Service
Samuel Fastier  --  Sport
Jade Fleming --  Sport
Tyler Fleming  --  Service
Patrick Forsythe --  Sport
Chris Gawler  --  Service
George Grainger --  Culture and Service
David Hobbs  --  Service
Andrew Jane  --  Service
Oliver Klups  --  Sport
Jordan Lampe  --  Sport
Paul Latap  --  Culture and Service
Kurt Leuthart  --  Sport and Service
Tobias Looker  --  Sport
Luke McCallum  --  Sport and Service
Seth Marshall  --  Sport and Service
BJ Monk  --  Culture and Service
Alistair Murray  --  Culture
Shaun Neal  --  Service
Sam Notman  --  Culture
Kieran O’Donnell  --  Service
Daniel Phipps  --  Culture
Gerald-John Pike  --  Sport
Casey Reihana-Dombroski  --  Sport
Ricky Riccitelli  --  Sport
Shaun Sullivan  --  Sport
Samuel Thomson  --  Culture
Andrew Trolove  --  Sport
Teihorangi Walden  -- Sport and Service

Thursday, 6 October 2011

FDMC On Tour

There are several overseas tours being planned for 2012. This will mean a good deal of fundraising so you can expect a few events to be advertised over the next few months.

Canada & Japan Trip Fundraising

We have two current projects. The Japan fundraising group parents are selling a selection of Sileni and Red Metal Vineyards wines. Orders for single bottles or cases need to be in by 31 October. Delivery by mid-November. Great for
Christmas! Contact Jenny Murray phone 7534367

Our second project is selling tickets for a great end of year play “Silent Night”.
TSB Showplace presents;

“Silent Night”
4th ; 5th November 7.30pm
Adults $25 (seniors $20 Groups 6+ $20)

In this solo show, Irene (Yvette Parsons) entertains with her unusual and innovative cooking, craft tips and festive decorating techniques, which she interweaves with funny and emotive stories of her life so far. Plenty of laughs and bitter-sweet humour promise to entertain audiences in this story of loss, loneliness and survival set against a remarkable backdrop of kitsch memorabilia.

Written and performed by Yvette Parsons and Directed by Stephen Papps
Every ticket sold, $10 goes towards the students. 

Contact Louise
757 4535 (evenings), Catherine 027 349 0944
(for Canada trip support) or Jenny Murray on
753 4367 (for Japan trip support)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Even More Cricket Photos

This one we do have some information on. It was taken in 1965, we presume of the 1st XI. The following players have been identified;

Colin McEldowney - 4th from left  (back)
Vaughan Chapman - 3rd from left (front)
Paddy Clement - 3rd from left (back)
Alistair McAlpine - 2nd from left (front)
John Bourke - 4th from left (front)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

More Cricket Photos

Here is a group of likely lads. To our knowledge none ended up playing for the Black Caps, but then we don't know who they are. If you do, please leave a comment and let us know.

Monday, 3 October 2011

A Week Of Cricket

You are in for a week of sports photos as we are currently scanning photos from the archives to put on to the Foundation website.

We don't know who is in this photo but we can tell you it was from 1961 - early days indeed for FDMC sport.