Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Principal Abroad

Principal Martin Chamberlain is currently overseas on a 10 week sabbatical. Never one to lose too much focus on his school, he has been able to catch up with old boy Michael Kelly.

While on sabbatical and after attending the International Boys' School Coalition Conference in London, I arranged to meet up with a man who is arguably our most accomplished academic.  Michael Kelly, who first attended FDMC in 1960, is currently Prince Philip Professor of Technology at the University of Cambridge.  In recognition of his achievements he has also been made a member of the Royal Society by his peers.  Michael has fond memories of FDMC and credits one of the brothers in convincing him that his efforts could make a real difference to his country.  Unfortunately his talents were such that the ultimate corridors of academia have kept him on the other side of the globe.  Keen to catch up with his home country by more than flying visits however, he and his wife plan to spend several months in NZ next year so we should be able to introduce him to our students as a source of inspiration.

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