Thursday, 28 July 2011

Boarders Bedtime

Perhaps nothing illustrates the way things have changed at FDMC more than the lifestyle of the boarders. The photo, of some what dodgy quality, is of a day long gone for hostel sleeping arrangements.

Next term we will do a little tour of the current La Salle House and show you how things have changed.


Anonymous said...

Have it a guess but these are 3rd form boarders from either 1982 or 83.
If 82 would guess people on right are (from frount) : John Dawson , Thomas Boldger, Robert unknown
Centre row and 2nd back David Moriarty then Paul Martin..?
If 1983 perhaps Danny Grace and Micheal Grayson near end of centre row

Anonymous said...

It was pretty basic all right and we just thought it was normal.

Peter Luoni

Anonymous said...

What ! no bunks - you were lucky !