Monday, 30 May 2011

Letters From Balgo

Alejandro Barrientos, who completed Year 13 last year, is currently in Balgo, Australia working with the Brothers in their school there. We can all feel very
proud of his selflessness and dedication. The following are excerpts from his recent emails:
Howʼs the College holding up? Great to hear Benildus finally won a major sporting event! Everything in Balgo is going great! The children are awesome! I'm having a real good time out here. 

The kids can go out of control for a bit, but are mainly good. Some days are on the verge of living nightmares! Which makes me wonder how would all the past
teachers I had cope in some of the situations the teachers here go through. Would Mr. Kochʼs point system work? Would Mr. Simpsonʼs firm but fair
teaching work? Mr. Stuckʼs cool yet relaxed manner work? Heck, would even Mr. Mustchinʼs wise words of wisdom help? Are all the questions I raise when the studentsare so sure that the world revolves around them! 

I even wonder how you would tackle some situations if you were principal! Br Rick, the principal, does an amazing job as principal and is clearly here for the
children which is great to see, but heʼs been a little stressed out lately I think. Itʼs mainly only the older students that really act out. Just watching how they develop their skills is amazing and gives a sense of actually getting through to them and making me want to stay here more and more.

I also do work in the Pre-Primary/Kindy who are all the young kids of the school. They are awesome as well, but like in every kindergarden and children around the ages of 4 they can be quite a handful at times! The days may be good, but boy are they loooonnnng. After school I'm so exhausted! However its awesome and I wouldn't change it!

The experience out here has been great and every day something new happens which makes it more challenging, which I love!

All the best - Alejandro Barrientos - Go Benildus!

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