Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Grey Day In Tokyo

The recent disaster in Japan has had an impact all the way back to FDMC with the cancellation of our language students trip to Japan which was to have taken place in a few weeks time. The following are comments from Old Boy, Father Leo Schumacher who is a Priest in Tokyo in response to us cancelling the trip planned for April.

A grey day here in Tokyo. Of course you have seen the horrific scenes of what happened on Friday. Saturday people were still in shock, but on Sunday things seemed to be getting back to normal in Tokyo.

The trains were running and the church was full. But now the concerns about the nuclear power station has got everyone worried.Though 250 km away, it makes the crisis go on and on.

Most schools and universities are on holiday, finishing this term a week early. Now there will be staggered power cuts and many of the trains will have to cut back operations.

Tokyo is safe and quieter than normal. All the petrol stations have long cues of cars filling up.
I am not quite sure why as there is no problem with petrol supplies. People have stopped the rather orderly panic buying that took place on the weekend.

From Today I can understand why people wish to cancel. So many things around Tokyo have closed and people are still very reluctant to get back to ordinary consumption. The International schools around Tokyo have closed and families have left for longer spring breaks.

So too bad about the travel plans. Wish you all well.
And prayers for all of us up here.

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