Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Boarding Perspective

The boarding experience at FDMC is one of the things that has changed the most over the last fifty odd years. The following is an article from the recent hostel newsletter which we thought might be of interest, especially to those who were boarding in the 60's and 70's.

At the end of each term some of our boarders at each year level complete an evaluation
form. This gives us an overall picture gauging what are we doing well in the hostel, what could we do better and giving the boys an opportunity to offer suggestions to improve on their hostel experience.

We take these evaluations very seriously. The outcomes are tabled and discussed at Supervisors’ meetings, Student Representative meetings and results are shared with the La Salle House Board. All of these groups use the information to make La Salle House a great place to live in. Below is an example of some of the responses received from last year’s evaluation:

What are we doing well at La Salle House
- Food is good
- Washing
- Communication and keeping us up to date
- Vans getting people places
- Dealing with situations quickly
- Cleaning
- Year 13 is really good

What we could do better
- Access to more sports gear
- Too much cheese
- Renovate the Year 10 and 11 dormitory
- Have a meal menu on display
- More fruit
- Better way to keep personal stuff safe
- Younger levels should have shorter study and play games every now and then
- More socials

- More nights when all year levels play games
- Don’t want changes to laundry system
- More Sky TV Channels eg. Rugby Channel
- Packed lunches – more in them
- We need more freedom

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