Wednesday, 12 May 2010

O'Shea Report

Thanks to Richard Marris for the following report on the O'Shea Shield. Richard and his team where key in organising a very successful first hosting of this event.

The 65th O'Shea Shield weekend has been held at Francis Douglas Memorial College. We have once again managed to win events but the O'Shea Shield itself still eludes us. On Saturday morning we won our debate with a team of Jason French, Rhys Williams and Anthony Finnerty outclassing the girls from St Catherine's College. George Grainger was successful in retaining the Impromptu Cup he won last year. Chaz Jones won the Junior Speech to continue the tradition of us having a pretty firm hold on this event over the years. Christian McSweeney-Novak climbed off a plane from Gallipoli and delivered a very polished oratory for which he was placed 1st equal. There was a good performance in the drama from the team of 5 - Alistair Murray, Tane Clement, Shane Garner, Scott Alexander and Nathan Seaver and these events had us placed near the top by the end of Saturday.

On Sunday we didn't go quite so well with our religious questions team coming last and our scripture reading being one of the lower marks. In the end we were 10= out of the 17 schools.

Overall it was a great weekend and other schools are very complimentary about our warm welcome, the way events ran, the students who ran events, the food and also the wonderful venue we provided for the drama which was held at West City Church.

It was also great to have some past students involved. Sam Barrett helped coach the debating team along with ex staff member Christine Alexander. Ross Williams was one of the adjudicators for the impromptu and Mark Leuthard adjudicated the drama. Chip McCabe was the MC for the drama night. Ex staff member, Margaret Wright coached the scripture reading.

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