Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A New Board

The recent BOT elections saw a good number of people put their names forward and a solid turn out of voters. There has been a considerable change in board members with only Alan Johnston, Janet Fleming and Ross MacNicol carrying over from the last board.

Board of Trustees Election Results

Declaration of Parent and Staff Representative Election Results

Parent Representative Votes
Kieran Browne 242
Garth Clarricoats 102
Janet Fleming 270
Alan Johnston 236
David Leuthart 241
Solveig Schuster 138
Jacquie Taylor 38
Anthony Vincent 276

I hereby declare the following duly elected
Kieran Browne
Janet Fleming
Alan Johnston
David Leuthart
Anthony Vincent

Staff Representative Votes
Ross MacNicol 38
Richard Marris 14

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