Monday, 31 May 2010

From The Newsletter

The latest college newsletter is out and contains a little more information on this Friday's Founder's Day celebrations.

On Friday 4 June we celebrate Founder’s Day. All members of our community are welcome to the Mass at 9:30am. This year it will be held in St Joseph’s parish church. Students will then return to the school for cultural items and that traditional pie!

Francis Douglas Memorial College, as a Lasallian Catholic institution, traces its origins to a priest and educational innovator of 17th century France, Saint John Baptist De La Salle. Born in 1651, De La Salle began a new system of Christian Schools in which the teachers assist parents in the educational, ethical and religious formation of their children. To continue his vision, John Baptist De La Salle founded the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Brothers). The spiritual and educational insights of Saint John Baptist De La Salle are the foundations of our Lasallian Community. Over 4,000 De La Salle Brothers, along
with 56,000 Lasallian lay colleagues, serve over three quarters of a million students and their families worldwide. In Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea there are 30 Lasallian educational institutions. Francis Douglas Memorial College, New Plymouth is one of the three Lasallian colleges in New Zealand.

4 June 2010 is the day that we come together as a community to celebrate the life and vision of this great man, our Founder.

The programme for Founder's Day is:

8:45am Vertical Form
9:30am Mass at St Joseph’s
11.00am Interval at the College
11:15am O’Shea Shield Performance
11.30am House singing
12:30pm Pie Distribution

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