Friday, 5 March 2010

Br Ollie's Roses

The Gala Day approaches (March 2oth), and lots of people are busy getting things together for the great occasion. Over the next week or two we shall have some insights into what is on offer from Gala Day 2010.

The following is a notice from Richard Doherty for those of you who have always admired Br Oliver's roses.

A very limited issue of standard roses grafted, planted, and lovingly tended by Brother Oliver are on sale for $20 each.
These roses are a living piece of memorabilia to plant somewhere special.

All roses will be pre sold but lifted after pruning in winter.

Viewing of the roses can be done during the gala day or earlier by special appointment at the school office. The proceeds from these sales will go directly into the gala day

You can contact Richard at FDMC (06 7536149) or email him.

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