Monday, 22 March 2010

As Predicted

The Gala Day was a great success, showing that a year off in no way decreased people's enthusiasm for fun and fund raising. While the final totals are still being sorted it appears the PTA will make close to $30,000 - a great effort by all concerned. We will have some photo's and more details during the week but we can give you the all important raffle results.

Gala Day Raffle Results

Grocery Draws
  • Crystal Payne No 579
  • Kim Sadler No 176
  • B Joyce No 224
  • David Novak No 323
Ladder No 098 Trish Wells-Morris
BBQ No 122 Natasha Hinger
Monster Truck No 053 Pauline Corbett
Easter No 124 Waayet Family
Ladies No 105 Carol Land
Men's No 096 Joan Gibbs
Child's No 185 Michelle Davy
Kitchen No 067 Jan Williems
Sports No 047 Crysty Aylward
Coffee No 155 Fred McLay

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