Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Another Ending, A New Beginning

This week is the last week of classes for the senior students with the Senior Prizegiving taking place tomorrow. While it is the end of an era for students it is also the start of a new phase of their lives, something that was highlighted in the recent hostel newsletter which we have paraphrased below.

This week we farewell our Year 13 leavers. We began the year with eighteen Year 13 boarders and are now left with 13 as some have moved on to employment as the ear progressed. Of the thirteen still with us their intentions for 2010 are:

Beauden Barrett: Bachelor of Commerce - Melbourne
Brendon Bevins: Farming in Opunake
Andrew Buhler: Bachelor of Business Studies - Massey
Scott Cameron: Ag Commerce - Massey
Richard Clough: Ag Commerce - Massey
Cam Fleming: Bachelor of Applied Science Sport & Nutrition - Otago
Jacob Gopperth: Ag Commerce - Massey
William Gray: Air Force - Blenheim
Paul Hawkes: Agriculture - Massey
Ryan Juffermans: Work
Baxter Rogers : Zoology - Massey University
Mathieu Stevenson: Commerce Law - Victoria
Simon Walsh: Psychology - Otago

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