Friday, 9 October 2009

Mystery Solved

It has been a slow blogging week as we have been away at conference learning to do more of this sort of stuff. Thanks to Bernard Philpott for his response to the picture posted on Monday.

I can well remember the 'home-made' trolleys being used on and around the new gymnasium's concrete foundations. Speed aplenty [depending how good your 'pusher' was, ie. how fit he was.
And lots of scrapped elbows and knees. But all good fun to keep us boarders amused, when Bro Finton was absent and thus we had some time off from gym construction [slave] labouring.

The timber used was surplus from the gym construction, but cannot recall where the ball-bearing wheels were sourced. Anyway, it was great fun, until this fad wore off! I do not recognise the fellow on the trolley--he is grimacing too much. Was he enjoying the
experience, or was he just plain scared? Your decision!

Kind regards.
Bernard R. Philpott. Wellington. [Boarder 1962-1964 inclusive]

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