Monday, 5 October 2009

Another Archive Mystery

Who can tell us what is going on here then?

We can identify it as taking place under the Gym but whether it was an early technology project, or just students entertaining themselves, we are not too sure. Whatever was going on it does look like fun.

All suggestions gratefully received.


The Mustardos: said...

ze best?

mick said...

This is 1963. Some 4th formers of the time located a supply of bearings and these carts were made among the borders. In the picture is Lewis? Horne one of the instigators of this very creative pastime that would occupy borders for many hours after school and weekends. The races were run on a circuit in the basement of the gym. The noise of the bearings on concrete could be heard from Tukapa street.

james stuart said...

yes,lewis horne from wellington.refer "c,b&g 1963" pg31other photo on same page is a group shot taken "in the pits" identifies drivers l-rwinton(db)richards,denis murphy,brian dombroski,egmont(monty)hickey,alistair mcalpine.powerhouses standing l/rjohn coleman/david scott?barry condon,robert watt,david young,brian schicker,lewis horne.the ball-bearings were imported direct from SKF SWEDEN.but because of import regs at the time they had to be redistributed thru winton richards ford motors wairoa &darryl mellow garage pungarehu!