Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Mystery Jumper

The latest contribution...

I tend to agree with Brian Schicker that the photograph of the 'mystery
jumper' is probably of Anthony Schumacher.
The construction of the gymnasium, in the background, certainly brings
back fond memories of Brother Fintan and his willing? band of 'Boarder'
Kind regards to all.
Bernard R. Philpott.
Boarder, 1962-1964 inclusive.

Great to get more feedback on who the high jumper might be. After yesterday's suggestion from Fr Kevin Neal that it might be Vic Douba we have had two further suggestions.

I have just read the blog page and Fr Kev feels that it might be Vic Douba in the high jump photo. I personally don’t think so, as Vic was in my class and he was not as tall as the guy in this photo, nor was he as dark colouring as this person. My feeling is that it would appear to be Anthony Schumacher.

Brian Schicker
FDMC Boarder, 1962-64

And from Colin Armstrong

I think the guy is John Schumacher (not sure Ive spelt that surname correctly) Cheers Colin

As always we remain open to confirmation or further suggestions.

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