Monday, 14 September 2009

The Generation Game

Thanks to Alicja Dodunski for her photo and email concerning her families four generations of involvement with FDMC. Alicja had this to say.

Jordi Thompson in year 7 is a Grandchild of John Dodunski who attended FDMC. In fact Jordi's Great Grandfather Norman Dodunski (who is 93 and still alive) helped clear the land as a volunteer so FDMC could be built. Jodi's Great Uncles Ian and Robert Dodunski where first day pupils at FDMC. I think my Dad, John was a pupil in the second year of opening. Also Jodi's father Glenn Thompson was a pupil. His cousins Stefhan and Jesse Steer and David and Phillip Lepper also attended. So we have 4 generations affiliated with the school.

I also used to as a little girl come to church with my Grandad Norman in the chapel at FDMC when it was open to the public. Those were fond memories.

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