Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bugsy Malone

The School Production is an aspect of college life that has been around for as long as the school itself. Today's photo is of an early production of what we suspect must be Huck Finn and friends. This year's production is Bugsy Malone and we can provide you with the following information.

Tickets are now available for this long awaited joint SGHC and FDMC Production.

Performances are at the Sacred Heart Events Centre on Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th of September at 7.00pm.

Tickets available at the FDMC Office- Adults $15.00/ Children/students $10.00 You could even reserve a table for 10 and be close to the action!

If you like an ‘old school’ mafia boy meets girl slapstick comedy containing characters named Bugsy, Tallulah, Bronx Charlie, Roxy, Fizzy, Blousey, Fat Sam, Dandy Dan, Louella, Doodle, Loretta, Leroy, Knuckles, Snake Eyes, Louis, Angelo, Captain Smolsky and O’Dreary….this will definitely be for you!!!

Come along and support the students and staff who have worked hard to create this drama. See you there!

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