Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Age Of Caps

We have had exactly zero responses to last weeks photo question but we refuse to give in, and this week ask if you can identify the boys in the caps?

It seems unlikely that the cap will return as a fully fledged item of school uniform as it was hard to keep on ones head, especially with your mates around.


Anonymous said...

wheres marty

Anonymous said...

if this is post 1966 then im out of the loop.but...extreme left centre brian portland taumaranui,then clockwise ?whittle,doug dunlop,bryan(not brian)davis,?know the face,murray wackrow?richard ciechanowski.i notethe army tunics cadet week?but how come ,if so murray wackrow is not in uniform as he was an NCO.leave it to you.

james stuart said...

that last comment was mine ,not anon.