Thursday, 30 April 2009

"Stand Up And Speak Lad"

The annual college speech competition took place at the end of last term. As usual, the standard was very high and the support very strong.

Hilton Megaw won the Year 7/8 section with a speech on "Sisters". Alistair Murray won the Year 9/10 section with a speech about the "power of the media". Taking out the senior prize was Christian McSweeny-Novak (pictured with Mrs Milne) who's speech on Anzac day was both topical and well presented. Christian is the son of old boy David Novak.

Students are currently in their final preparation for the O'Shea Shield weekend where our public speaking skills will be once again put to the test.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Comings And Goings

There have been a number of staff changes at the College in recent weeks.

Br Oliver leaves the college community at the end of this week to take up residence with other retired De La Salle Bothers in Aussie. Ollie is about to turn 96 and remains an inspiration to all of us who value a humble nature and service to others. We wish him well in sunnier climes.

Br Steve Leatherland has also shifted from the Brother's community at FDMC to De La Salle, Mangere. He recently celebrated 50 years a Brother,a most impressve milestone.

Our History teacher of the last few years, Mr Jari Stascak, has completed his time at FDMC and is returning to Europe and his native Czech Republic. Jari has been replaced by Mrs Sally O'Neill who will counter the European historical spin with a more Australian perspective.

Thank you to all those who have been in contact over the sudden death of Wayne Kibby. His funeral was a celebration of the man as he was and the staff who were able to attend spoke highly of the tributes and reflections that were made. The following are two of the email reflections we have received.

Brother Peter Ryan - Just a message to assure you and the staff of my prayers and thoughts as the College comes to terms with the sudden death of Wayne Kibby and mourns his passing. I was particularly taken by the photo of Wayne on the old boys blog – it reminded me of an annual conversation I had with Wayne about the benefits of wrestling for the boys of the College. Wayne was always incredibly enthusiastic. He was an important part of the fabric of the College and memories and stories will be told of him for a long time to come. May he rest in peace.

Richard Crowe - Can I offer my condolences on the recent passing of Mr Wayne Kibby. Having been lucky enough to be taught by Wayne, I can give testimony to learning much more than just the set economics syllabus in my School Certificate year! I still clearly remember him stating that I was a 'frivolous character', a term which surely could also be applied to Wayne - being the merry and lighthearted character he was. His classes were fun and quirky and I am sure all students look back on them fondly. He was a great personality and will be missed by all.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Old Boy Success

The Daily News had a brief profile in yesterday's edition on old boy Mark Larmer.

Mark has recently been named Australia's best residential real estate agent, which follows on from his achieving the same acknowledgement in the ACT for the last three years.

Mark left the College in the mid 1990's and comes from a family of Land Valuers, well known in New Plymouth. For those of us who remember teaching Mark it comes as no surprise that he should be an outstanding salesman. and we would recommend him to any old boys in the Canberra region.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Steady As She Goes

We continue to get a steady stream of registrations but there are still a lot of you out there who seem to have a fear of commitment.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Loreto's Loss

We can now confirm the details for Wayne Kibby's funeral. It will take place at Knox Presbyterian Church in Waitara at 11.30 on Monday. The school will have a strong representation at the funeral.

Wayne and his family only arrived back in the country yesterday.

In looking through the archives for photo of Wayne we noted how skilled he was at avoiding the camera. We have included this shot, taken in 1996, not because it is a good one of Wayne, but it reflects the time and effort he out into developing wrestling at FDMC. There are many Old Boys who will recall their time "on the mat" in the gym basement.

Wayne will leave a gap in many aspects of college life. Perhaps the most obvious will be in the leadership of Loreto House where he has become something of an icon in recent years. We are sure that the house chant of "Kibby,Kibby,Kibby; Oi, Oi, Oi" will be heard well into the future, for as Loreto house has been known to sing on public occasions "There is only one Mr Kibby".

Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Return Of The First Dayers

We had a visit yesterday from one of our first day pupils. John Dempsey is pictured above along with all the first day boarders and assorted clergy. John still remembers his time here well and was able to identify almost all the students in this photo. He is now living in, and working out of, Tauranga and is keen to catch up with some of his old mates at the Jubilee.

Just a reminder that if you click on an image it will enlarge.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Latest Registration List

As promised we have updated the registration list as of today. Without wishing to repeat ourselves too often it would be a great help if those of you are intending to come to the Jubilee could download and complete the registration form so that our planning is based on realistic data.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Some Very Sad News

We received some very bad news over the weekend. Long serving staff member Mr Wayne Kibby passed away suddenly on Thursday while out walking. Wayne was living in Korea having taken a years leave from FDMC, after 23 years service, to teach English to the locals. He was 58 years old.

Wayne first joined the staff at FDMC in 1986 and has taught English, social studies, economics and accounting to a whole generation of old boys. Jono Milne summed it up in his Head Boys address in 2002 by saying "part of the FDMC experience is to be taught by Mr Kibby". Wayne was one of those unique characters who had his own way of doing things, which will remain with many students long after they have forgotten some of their more conventional teachers.

We believe Wayne is being flown back to NZ tomorrow but are not yet certain over his funeral arrangements, which we will post when we know. We ask that all old boys keep Wayne and his family in their thoughts and prayers.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Registration Update

With the interruption to normal routines over Easter we won't be publishing the latest registration list until Monday. There is a steady flow of registrations coming in but we would like to address a potential problem.

We are convinced that somewhere over 500 people will be attending the Jubilee. The logistics of organising a three day event for this many people means we can not wait until the last minute to make calls over things such as catering, bar staff, number of marquees, registration pack materials etc. We know that the "modern way" is to leave things to the last minute but we are concerned that some people are going to be very upset when we can't process them "on the night," so to speak. We have also had a number of old boys tell us that there are not many registered in their year so they are not sure that they will bother - this can quickly become a self fulfilling prophesy and that would be a great pity.

We are aware that if you are reading this we are probably preaching to the converted but you can help by getting out amongst your mates and getting them to act now.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Absent Friends

We received this email from Andrew Wheeler yesterday

Just a note to say all the very best of luck in organising the jubilee this year, and hope it is a memorable occasion for all those that are able to attend. I was hoping to boost those numbers of the 1982’s but unfortunately I am working in India on a project that conflicts with those dates so I will be unable to make it.

I was thinking about a comment I saw on the blog about someone to serve liquor, or a bar managers license... I recall that in 1982 a couple of the current (Form 6 back then) students worked in bottle shops around town. One was the Ngamotu tavern!!!. I remember filling the boot of my old Vauxhall Viva, with a crate or two, when we all went for a beach party after we got our UE accreditation results. We would have been 17, some going on 18 in those days.

Good luck, and good success

At some stage next week we will be setting up an absent friends register to record those who would like to be at the Jubilee but are unable to make it. Drop us a line if that describes your situation, you can always add a reflection or two as well.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Brendan O'Neill, Rest In Peace

Sad news this morning of the passing of Brendan O'Neill after a long illness.

Brendan was a teacher at FDMC from the mid 1970's through to the 1990's. He was well known to his students as a no nonsense woodwork teacher who also made a great contribution to rugby at the college. A talented player himself Brendan coached the 1st XV in the late 70's early 80's and maintained a keen interest through out his time at the college. In later years Brendan took over the running of the tuckshop, something that was done with his usual strong but cheerful manner.

Brendan's son John was a student at the college in the early 1980's and we assure him and his sisters of our thoughts and prayers at this sad time. Brendan's funeral will take place at 10.30 on Friday at St Philomena's in New Plymouth.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A New Old Image

One of the images that will appear in the Jubilee calendar, part of your Jubilee registration pack. We are still open to ideas for other images that you feel are representative. Any ideas just leave a comment.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter Time

Yesterday was the last day of Term 1 and of course Holy Thursday. The College celebrated an Easter Liturgy in the Gym based around the theme of Jesus sacrifice. It was a mufti day as you can see from the picture and that concluded the Lenten programme of giving. We are very proud of the fact that the students have donated well over $4000 towards CARATAS funds through donations in their vertical forms.

For those of us who have been at the college for a long time it is very noticeable just how much the students "buy in" to what is happening in events such as yesterdays. The quality and focus of liturgies is also something that has continued to develop strongly and we would encourage any old boy to attend if given the chance.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

No Bull!

Old Boy, and past staff member, Alistair Kalin visited the school this week. He is back in the country for a few weeks to attend his brother Jason's wedding. Big Al is currently teaching at a school in Surrey, England and dabbling in a bit of sports management on the side.

He brought in this photo taken a while ago now. Seated on the fence, from left to right, are Glen Gordon, Robin Polleti, Michael O'Sullivan and Jason Kalin. Only partly visible is Brad Coogan and we are not sure who it is standing beside the agricultural gentleman, who of course needs no introduction. If you know who it is just leave a comment.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Recent Contacts

Lots of contact emails from old boys in recent weeks, which is great. We apologise if we do not always reply asap as the jubilee registration process is now taking up a lot more time - also a good thing.

The following are some of the old boys who have recently been in touch.

  • John Castelli, who will be travelling from Aussie for the Jubilee.
  • Brian Hannam, who is looking forward to meeting up with old mates.
  • Michael Normanton, who is married to Julie with 3 children, Todd, Kristin and Stella. Todd due to start FDMC in 2010.(Scary thought!) Living in Fitzroy. Managing Goughs CAT New Plymouth branch.(NZ Caterpillar machinery dealer).
  • Greg Northcott, who is currently working as the Airfreight Manager for NZ Bloodstock
  • Michael Kiss, who is living locally and working as a Business Advisor for Staples Rodway.
  • Paul Turner, who is currently living in Edens Landing in Queensland and working in the engineering industry.
  • Big Scot Stonnell, who is keen to play in the rugby game at the Jubilee

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Brothers from Far And Wide

Those of you keeping track of the Jubilee registrations will have noticed that there is a very significant number of De La Salle brothers intending to be with us. Br Peter Bray confirmed early this week his intention to make it back from Bethlehem, a journey of around 31 hours, for the occasion. We are looking forward to catching up with so many of the people who have helped to shape the present day college. Br Ollie, pictured above, will not have to travel far at all, but he will be no less important to the occasion.

Monday, 6 April 2009

An Old Rivalry

The rivalry between De La Salle and FDMC continued on the weekend with the annual exchange taking place in Mangere.

The FDMC 1st XV performed very well and were leading 13 to 12 with only a few minutes left. Unfortunately they conceded a late penalty and despite some spirited attacks in injury time the De La Salle boys held on to win 15 points to 12. The FDMC coaching staff were very happy with the efforts of our team, especially against a side that won the Auckland competition in 2008 and will represent NZ at the Secondary Schools World Cup in Japan in a couple of weeks.

The 2nd XV were brave but out sized and outgunned going down by quite a few tries.

As always, the rugby was competitive, but the real value of the trip was in the cultural exchange and the chance to spend time with fellow Lasallians in a different environment.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Registration Update

Click on the link above to see who has registered so far. There has been a steady stream of registrations this week and we are very encouraged by the number of old boys who were here in the 1960's who are intending to meet up with old friends. We now want to see more of you guys from the 1980's and 90's getting around to sending in that form!

On a different tack, the annual 1st and 2nd XV games against De La Salle, Mangere take place in Auckland tomorrow. Any old boy is more than welcome to pop along to De La Salle College and see how things play out. The 2nd XV plays at 10.30 am and the 1st XV game kicks off at 12 noon. De La Salle are the current Auckland secondary schools champions so it will be a tough task for the boys from Taranaki, but they are sure to rise to the occasion.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A Rural Outlook

Here is quite a nice shot of Pa Hill and the mountain taken from the Agridome's back fence.

For those of you who have been away a long time the farm has changed quite a lot - students can no longer find golf balls in the swamp. In fact, these days, it is hard to find the swamp.