Friday, 28 November 2008

A Shower of Babies

It is great to see so many old boys adding to the population in recent times. We are always looking for more students and it is good to know that guys are out there playing their part.

Recent additions that have come to our attention include
  • Marcus and Lisa Smith welcomed Pieta Jennifer Rose
  • Leighton and Michelle Butler welcomed Oliver Joseph
  • Tony and Lynne Williams welcomed Ewan Jon
  • Matthew and Lisa Stuck are the proud parents of Alexandra Marie
  • not to be out done Tim and Helen Stuck are learning the ropes with young Harry Thomas
  • Nathan and Crystal Smith have "kept up with the Stucks" welcoming Saskia Rose
Well done to all you sleepless souls and we are happy to report any other additions that old boys might want to announce.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Well Done Pingers

Great excitement amongst the staff yesterday with the news that our fellow teacher Peter Ingram (pictured) had scored 247 batting for Central Districts. The mammoth score set a new record for a single innings by any CD batsman.

Peter is currently our Year 7 Dean and if he keeps making those sort of runs we might have to make plans to take the students to a Black Caps test.

Congratulations also go to Y12 Edward Rawles who has been named in the NZ Junior Triathlon Team.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Another Old Boy Approaches The Bar

Congratulations to 2002 Head Boy Jono Milne on his admission to the Bar.

"did the business" last week in Auckland and is pictured with his proud mum Margaret, no stranger to any old boy from the last 17 years. He is currently working at Russell McVeagh in Auckland where he is well known for his organisational skills - especially office sporting events.

Jono informs us that the facial hair is a Movember thing and unlikely to remain through summer.

We have noted before the increasing number of old boys who are becoming lawyers. This is a great comfort to their old teachers who remain in an increasingly litigious school environment.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Keep Those Contacts Coming

We have had a lot of emails in recent weeks and a few visits, both of which we enjoy and encourage. Some recent contacts include

  • Father (formally Brother) Kevin Neal called in last week to say hello. He is in good spirits and currently based in the Hawkes Bay.
  • A number of old boys are now living across the ditch with Rob Frew (Perth) and Chris Nogaj (Happy Valley, SA) both in touch recently, while first day pupil John Bourke has been a recent visitor.
  • Bernard Philpott and John Kliensman are both old boys who are currently living in Wellington and looking forward to the Jubilee.
  • As signs go up around the town we are getting more locals making contact as well with Colin Comber, Peter Uhlenberg, John Demchy and Paul Thompson all recent examples.
  • We even had a phone call this week from Murial Downes who tells us she was the original hostel cook when the school opened. Murial is now living in Stratford but interested in next year's Jubilee.
As always if you are out there we would love to hear from you.

Monday, 24 November 2008

A Suave Affair

Pictured above are some snaps from the 2008 Graduation Ball. It was a very dignified occasion with students, partners, parents and staff "scrubbing up" very well. A good time was had by all and there was no need for an "after match" with the band playing until 2 am.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Old Boy Flys In

Yesterday we had a visit from the NZ Navy
with one of their helicopters landing on the sports fields. The visit was part of the Careers week that is taking place in New Plymouth this week and was aimed at highlighting careers in the Navy.

Helping organise the visit was FDMC old boy Scot McGregor who was able to make an entrance that few other old boys could match - at least for noise.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Our New Principal

The appointment of our next Principal, Mr Martin Chamberlain, was announced this week.

Martin will be the first permanent lay Principal at FDMC . He comes to us from St Peter's College in Gore where he has been the Principal for the last 7 years.

Martin will begin his tenure at the start of term 1 2009 and is keen to get involved with the college and wider community as soon as possible.

We wish him well in guiding FDMC into it's next era.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Undercover Music

Many people who were able to attend our recent prizegivings and assemblies have commented on the high quality of the musical items that were performed. This has been a real area of development in the college in recent years.

Highlighting this growth we would like to congratulate Nick Price (sort of pictured) on achieving a pass with distinction in Grade 8 classical guitar - a very high standard for a very talented musician.

Now if we could just get the student body to sing the national anthem with a bit more gusto!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Next Shift

Last week was so busy we have not yet caught up with all the news it generated. Pictured with Peter Tennent and Br Peter are our leadership group for 2009.

The 2009 leaders are ( * denotes the son of an old boy)

Head Boy - Mathieu Stevenson *
Deputy Head Boy - Kale Joines
Head Boarder - Brendan Bevins *
Deputy Head Boarder - Jacob Gopperth*

Sports Captain - Beauden Barrett *
Cultural Captain - Callum Tanner
Benildus Captain - Jacob Blanks
La Salle Captain - Jaden Hareb*
Loreto Captain - Jared Crowley
Solomon Captain - Troy Collier

Prefects - Shane Rooyakers, Dylan Dunlop-Barrett*, Andrew Buhler, Josef Butler, Paul Hawkes, Matthew Westbury

Monday, 17 November 2008

Another Set Of Awards

It is that time of year where awards ceremonies seem to break out almost spontaneously. Saturday night saw the College Graduation Ball, a glittering affair held at the Plymouth Hotel. The attached video shows some of the those who received "key awards".

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Always Thinking Ahead

Many of you will have been wondering how it is possible to declare award winners 12 months in advance - all we can say is that it was a very busy week!

Here is another image from our 2008 prizegiving showing Scott Corboy (grandson of Leo Walsh) making a presentation of a banner to Solomon house. Pictured with him is the Mayor of the "best little city in the world"

Click on Special Awards for a full breakdown of the main prizes at this year's prizegiving.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Senior Prizegiving 2009

Yesterday saw another chapter in the annuals of the college with the 2009 Senior Prizegiving going off very well. The Mayor Mr Peter Tennent was in attendance along with a very large number of parents, old boys and supporters. Some of the key awards went to
  • Dux - Andrew Crowe
  • Proxime Accessit - David Hills
  • Butterworth Cup For Culture - Shehan Guntaunga
  • Finnigan Award For Service - Thomas Dravitzki
The big winners were the entire graduating class of 2008 (pictured) who scrubbed up well and did themselves proud.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Big Day

You may have noticed that this weeks postings have been a little briefer than usual. This is the last week for senior students at the college so there have been a lot of things happening. Today is our Senior Prizegiving so check in tomorrow for photos and details.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

5 Year Reunion

Recently received from Sam Barrett ...

I was hoping that you could please post a notice about an upcoming event a couple of us have planned. We have been extending invitations online and amongst the boys- but hopefully the old boys website will also help. "14th of December 2008 almost 5 years to the day the class of '03 graduated from FDMC, we shall reunite on the College grounds for the first annual Five Years On Reunion, a tradition starting here that will surely continue for years to come. All College Old Boys who were in our year group at one time or another are welcome to attend. The day kicks off at 4.30pm and will include BBQ, beers, a College tour and the possibility of some favourites like rob the nest and kill the cones. The day will also serve as a chance to say goodbye to Brother Peter Ryan, the College's final De La Salle Brother to be Principal. Teachers are also invited and encouraged to attend if they can. Will be good to see some the Year 7 and 8 homeroom teachers 10 years on. Spread the word lads."

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Chas and Nick's incredible 'Share the Mission' adventure

This year, Chas Carroll and Nick Siffleet (from the class of 2007) embarked on an incredible adventure when they volunteered to go to Balgo Hills in Western Australia to live and work with the De La Salle Brothers’ to assist the Wirrimanu indigenous community. There Chas and Nick worked with the Brothers in the local school. Balgo Hills is an isolated desert settlement which offers a stark contrast to life in New Plymouth! View a 3 minute video clip of their incredible experience at (click on New Video Blog)

Monday, 10 November 2008

A Numbers Game

The Jubilee organising group will meet this week to put the finishing touches on the full registration process for next year's jubilee. Thank you to all of you who have filled out the pre-registration form. It has been a very useful exercise in helping to decide what we are going to do.

A number of old boys have asked about who from the year group is planning to attend. The whole privacy issue is a bit of a problem but we can give you the following pre-registration breakdown of year group levels.
  • 1959-65 35% of pre-registrations
  • 1966-70 5% of pre-registrations
  • 1971-75 9% of pre-registrations
  • 1976-80 14% of pre-registrations
  • 1981-85 7% of pre-registrations
  • 1986-95 5% of pre-registrations
  • 1991-95 8% of pre-registrations
  • 1996-2000 12% of pre-registrations
  • 2001-2005 7% of pre-registrations
It is a good spread of year levels and of course it is only early days.

We also note that last week saw the old boys blog pass 30,000 visits. Thanks to all those who have supported us and keep spreading the word.

Thursday, 6 November 2008


All things US are in the news this week so we thought we would post a couple of photos from the early days. The visit of the US Ambassador was a highlight for the college in the early sixties, although we have a suspicion the students were at least as impressed by the car he was being driven in.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

News and Congratulations

Some info which may be of interest.

We hear that Br Bill Firman, past Principal of FDMC, has answered a call from Rome and is to relocate from Melbourne to the Southern Sudan. That is one big change, and not just in climate, but knowing Br Bill we feel confident he will make an impact on his new community.

Congratulations to Jeremy Webling who was recently named as Taranaki's most promising Chef. Jeremy has been working and learning overseas and has now returned to NP where he is making an impact on the food scene.

Congratulations to old boy Anthony McCarten whose film Show Of Hands had it's premier in NP last night. The movie was filmed locally so many of us can play spot the local feature (or identity) when we go along to watch it.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A Farewell to Johnny George

Saturday night's sports awards dinner saw us say farewell to Mr John George. John has worked at FDMC since 1982 and has played a huge part in the development of sport within the college. He retired from teaching in 2002 and has been our sports coordinator since that time.

John acted as our keynote speaker for the evening giving us all some insight into what had motivated him over the years and providing those assembled with some of his accumulated wisdom. The video clip is of sports captain Ethan Bolstad making a presentation to John on behalf of the college and all those students John has influenced over the last 27 years.

Monday, 3 November 2008

The Sports Awards

Saturday night was our third annual Sports Awards Dinner, held at the New Plymouth club. A great night was had by all with many top sportsman honoured for their achievements. The video above is of the presentation of the top three awards; Team of the Year, Contribution to Sport at FDMC and Sportsman of the Year.