Tuesday, 9 September 2008

And What Have You Been Up To?

The following is the sort of thing we encourage from old boys - an email from Brendon Rae keeping us up to date with what he is up to.

Since leaving FDMC I did a stint at Waikato Uni before finishing a B.Tech (Biotech) (Hons) from Massey. In the nearly 15 years since graduation I've had engineering roles in the food and dairy
industries within NZ, Australia, Asia and Europe. I am currently based in Melbourne and after my employer was recently bought out I've decided to get more involved in sustainable engineering. I get my regular FDMC reminder each time I see Alan Brough on TV (usually
Spicks and Specks).

Mum, Andrew and Chris still live in NP, Andrew is married and has two young daughters. I am engaged but will not get married until this time next year as Jill completes her post-grad studies. We met in Hamilton but the wedding will take place in her hometown Tianjin (China), so
I'm busy with my Mandarin studies with a view to maybe living there for a while. Looks like Br Adrian would agree that you never stop learning.

Good to see the soccer team continuing to do well, and the emergence of other sports and clubs too (hockey, chess, league, etc). Always nice to see the 1st XV having the wood over NPBHS too! The banner photo on the blog was of some newer building mods and it took me a while to orient myself - I like to think of it as the college continuing to develop rather than a sign of early-onset Alzheimer's. I get back to NZ on occasion, so will try and factor in the upcoming
reunion in my plans.

Good to see you and the others from the 80's going strong - time seems to have treated most very kindly (are you using file photo's?).

Keep up the good work!

P.S. Very old, second hand news of 1989 classmates (haven't caught up with any of them for years so don't treat it as gospel):
Gareth Mannings - completed a PhD in Economics at Waikato - he could be lecturing?
Grant Pease - could have completed a PhD in Physics at Waikato but his brother tells me he is back on the farm near Oakura
Eugene O'Sullivan - a pilot for Eagle Air?
Anthony Beet - farming in the Waikato
Looks like you'd know what Greg Phelan, Kent Mori, Jeremy Dombroski
(PhD?), Alastair Ross are up to.

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