Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Blenheim Boys

From the archives comes this photo labeled the boys from Blenheim taken in 1962. The students are joined by a very high powered group of visiting Brothers. I am informed that Br. Baptist is still with us at the great age of 93.

Back Row Standing from left to right
Br. Raymond, David Prendergast, Patrick Clement, Owen Neal, David Ogier, Lester Dunkinsen, Terry Costello, Br. Phillip
Middle Row from left to right
David Heggulin, Bill Lynch, Alan Diamanti, Clyde Burke, John Hoare, Alistair McAlpine
Front Row from left to right
Br Urban, Br Lawrence O'Toole (Asst. Superior General), Br Nicet Joseph (Superior General), Br Baptist (Provincial)

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