Sunday, 10 June 2007

25 - 25

There is an old saying that "a draw is a bit like kissing your sister" and yesterdays rugby result against NPBHS 1st XV had a bit of that feel about it. It is a measure of how far the FDMC team has come in the last decade that they were more disappointed in the result than elated. In fact with time up on the clock they were risking defeat by trying to attack from the own goal line - a positive sign in many respects.

It was a very entertaining game to watch, with NPBHS scoring early and going to the break up 12 to 3. FDMC came back well to get to 13 to 12 and the lead then moved back and forward for the rest of the game. An impartial observer would say we had the better of the forward exchanges while they had an edge in the backs. A less impartial supporter would point out that we scored four tries to three but could not make the kicks that counted on the day.

All in all a very lively game and one which added a new page, and result, to the growing tradition. We will post a few photos during the week.

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