Friday, 29 June 2007

Just Starting Out

A couple of weeks ago we talked about Br David Hawke being appointed to a new high powered position, well this is where it all started.

We believe the photo was taken as a young David made his way across the ditch to begin studying to be a brother. Lots of hope and faith in those eyes!

His companion is one John Biggs of whom we have much less information.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Masked Man

Who can tell me who this masked rider is? He was a familiar sight in the 80's and early 90's.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A Past Procession

Last weeks World Youth Day procession got us looking into the archives for some walks from the past. The photo above records the Feast of Christ the King celebrations in, we think, 1967. If you have some memory of this occasion leave a comment and tell us all about it.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Chess Team Triumphs

Not content with the 1st XV's draw with NPBHS the FDMC chess team scaled the heights to defeat the boys in black for the Taranaki Sec. Schools title. It is the first chess team win over NPBHS in a very long time and means that we go on to represent Taranaki at the regional level. Pictured from front to back for FDMC are Liam Popperwell, Tom Imrie and Hamish Till.

Hostel Farewell

A dinner last week marked the retirement of two hostel stalwarts, Heather McDowell and Margaret Smith. Both ladies have given sterling service to the hostel over the last decade or so, with Heather starting in 1996 and Margaret in 1991. As you can see from the photo the boys turned it on for the ladies, as is only right and proper.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

More Photos

Below are some more photos taken on the World Youth Day Cross visit. The reverend gentleman standing between our senior students in the second photo is Bishop Peter Cullinane.

Friday, 22 June 2007

World Youth Cross In Town

This photo appeared in today's Daily News showing the World Youth Cross being carried along the NP foreshore. The blue FDMC jersey stands out as usual.

We were well represented at the occasion by all of Years 7 and 13 and student representatives from the Taranaki parishes. The actual World Youth Day is next year in Sydney.

We will have a few more photos next week.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

25 Years Ago Today

It has been 25 years since the All Whites made their only appearance (so far) in the Soccer World Cup. Interviewed on TV last night as part of this story was one Frank Van Hattam, an old boy and character from the mid 1970's.

Frank was the back up goal keeper going to the World Cup but ended up playing every minute for the All Whites.

We haven't heard from Frank in a long time but we are sure he would be pleased with how well soccer has developed at the college in the last few years.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Well Done Nathan

Congratulations to Nathan Coombes who finished sixth in the National Secondary Schools Cross Country last week. Can any one recall us having a better finish in the past?

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Where are they now?

Continuing our attempts to track down old boys we offer the College Leaders of 1992.
We have listed their names but do you know where they are? And what were we thinking with those shorts?

Left to Right
  • Matthew O'Sullivan
  • Blair Brookes
  • Michael Hargreaves
  • Daniel Cowley
  • Russell Price
  • Wayne Christiansen
  • Brendan Back

Monday, 18 June 2007

Cross Country

This year's cross country went very well with a high level of participation, as usual. The results were as follows.

Benildus -- 1843 points
La Salle -- 1741 points
Solomon -- 1664 points
Loreto -- 1498 points

Y7 Champion -- D Mosquera
Y8 Champion -- D Morris
Junior Champion -- C McSweeney-Novak
Int B Champion -- L Molyneaux
Int A Champion -- B Barrett
Senior Champion -- Nathan Coombes

Solomon 5 won the vertical form shield competition based on participation and results.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

New Links

Just a short note to point out we have added several new links to our Useful Links sidebar.

The 1st XV have got the blogging bug and have set up their own blog to keep those close to the team and anyone else who is interested up with the play.

Taken from Br Pat Lynch's regular newsletter Lighting New Fires is a link to a group that makes available out of print or hard to get books on Catholic teaching and general interest.

Last is a link to a site called Line Rider. This is a simple game which can become very addictive - so beware.

Happy surfing.

Friday, 15 June 2007

In the News

Ex students Gordon Pitcairn and Alastair Ross were in the news this week
having successfully organised a petition to bring UK band "The Cure"
to New Zealand in August. They ran their petition on-line and have
just heard of their success. According to the Daily News they
collected over 3000 signatures and now have been told a concert in NZ
will follow the band's Australian tour.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Rest in Peace

We received the news yesterday of the sad passing of Hugh Luoni. Hugh was a student at the College in the late 60's early 70's and has been living and farming in Southland. We ask that old boys remember Hugh and his family in their prayers.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Blenheim Boys

From the archives comes this photo labeled the boys from Blenheim taken in 1962. The students are joined by a very high powered group of visiting Brothers. I am informed that Br. Baptist is still with us at the great age of 93.

Back Row Standing from left to right
Br. Raymond, David Prendergast, Patrick Clement, Owen Neal, David Ogier, Lester Dunkinsen, Terry Costello, Br. Phillip
Middle Row from left to right
David Heggulin, Bill Lynch, Alan Diamanti, Clyde Burke, John Hoare, Alistair McAlpine
Front Row from left to right
Br Urban, Br Lawrence O'Toole (Asst. Superior General), Br Nicet Joseph (Superior General), Br Baptist (Provincial)

The 50th Jubilee

The FDMC Board of Trustees met last night and have confirmed that the 50th Jubilee of the College will take place on Queen's Birthday Weekend 2009. It may be a little too soon to be booking motels but now we have a date we can all start planning towards.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Old Uniforms

Linda Crowe, our hard working archivist, is on the hunt for some old uniforms. We have a fairly comprehensive collection but could always use some more for displays etc. Linda is currently searching for a good example of the 1990's nylon jacket - the one you weren't supposed to wear into a science lab! This was made more distinctive by its three coloured collar - college colours of course. If you still have one in the cupboard Linda would be happy to give it a good home.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Photos From the Gully

The supporters where there in numbers even if some had forgotten their shirts.
The team was focused and well prepared, even in the face of the haka.There was action from one end of the field to the other.And in the end they couldn't be separated. If you missed the action it can be seen on Taranaki Seven TV on Wednesday night (13th) at 8.30 pm.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

25 - 25

There is an old saying that "a draw is a bit like kissing your sister" and yesterdays rugby result against NPBHS 1st XV had a bit of that feel about it. It is a measure of how far the FDMC team has come in the last decade that they were more disappointed in the result than elated. In fact with time up on the clock they were risking defeat by trying to attack from the own goal line - a positive sign in many respects.

It was a very entertaining game to watch, with NPBHS scoring early and going to the break up 12 to 3. FDMC came back well to get to 13 to 12 and the lead then moved back and forward for the rest of the game. An impartial observer would say we had the better of the forward exchanges while they had an edge in the backs. A less impartial supporter would point out that we scored four tries to three but could not make the kicks that counted on the day.

All in all a very lively game and one which added a new page, and result, to the growing tradition. We will post a few photos during the week.

Friday, 8 June 2007

More Details

Thanks to Clem Mustchin for the following report on the wedding of Richard Smiley. We would like to encourage further amusing reflections from other old boys out there.

Ladies, it is my unfortunate duty to deliver grave tidings from north of the Bombay hills. The Francis Douglas Memorial College Alumni Association’s second most eligible bachelor (Conrad Smith being number one) is eligible no more.

Richard Smiley, medical doctor (Otago University), and Dux of the college in 1996 was married to Anna, his partner of three years, in May. In a beautiful ceremony framed by a crisp yet welcoming Auckland autumn evening, the newlywed couple positively glowed in the presence of many family and friends from both sides of the union, and all parts of the globe. Notable attendees were old boys James Comber, Carl Van Lent and Clem Mustchin (all 1990-1996), and of course Richard’s younger brothers Philip and David.

The venue (a superb choice) was a colonial-cottage style function centre in the heart of Mt Eden. The nuptials were performed outside at twilight, with guests arcing to create a literal man-made amphitheatre.

The ceremony was followed by dinner and drinks, and my suspicions that the venue was perfect were confirmed. Compliments must go to the catering staff – Clare, that was the best meal I’ve had in years! (My mother’s cooking excluded.)

The wedding wrapped up around midnight and an enjoyable evening was had by all. Credit must go to Richard’s parents Ian and Clare, firstly for producing such a fine person as Richard as their eldest child. Secondly for organizing such a fitting and memorable occasion as Richard’s wedding.

In Anna, Richard has found his other half, a partner for life. From everyone associated with FDMC and knows Richard, I wish he and Anna true happiness and a fulfilling life together.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Bits and Pieces

Jared Glasgow was spotted in a recent Daily News photo as one of the new cops working out of the Opunake station. We trust he doesn't have to do business with too many old boys.

Our sympathy goes out to Paddy Gower and his family with the loss of his mother in the last week. Congratulations are also due to Paddy for his recognition at the recent Qantas Media Awards, winning the best business story for 2006.

We also note the sad passing in recent weeks of two great matriarchs of the Coast, Mrs Eileen Lawn and Mrs Pauline Goodin. The list of connections that these great ladies had to old boys is too large to list but they were certainly important parts of our wider community.

On a happier note we wish Deacon Manu all the best for his wedding to Carmel in NP this Saturday.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Share The Mission

We had a contact recently from Br Gary Wilson who organises the Share The Mission programme. This is a volunteer programme operating in NZ, Australia and PNG. It is a unique opportunity for young adults wanting to give something back. This GAP-type post school year offers a year or half-year Placement, allowing you to:
  • Participate in some exciting ministries in one of three countries
  • Explore further personal values, spirituality and direction in life
  • Experience faith-based community living
  • Develop and deepen being a Lasallian
Several Kiwis – from ex- Mangere DLS, as well as two young men from Rotorua and Wanganui have joined this Brothers Program and gained from it.

See the ad below for website, phone or email contacts - click to enlarge.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Wiki What?

A recent search of wikipedia brought up a couple of paragraphs on Francis Douglas Memorial College. While there is nothing there that is really wrong I was surprised to see only 2 notable alumni - John Mitchell and Conrad Smith. Now I am a strong supporter of rugby but it strikes me we have contributed a little more to the world than just these guys. How about some of you getting onto the site and adding the "stars' from your years.

Monday, 4 June 2007

A Living Legend

Brother Oliver O’Leary recently celebrated 75 years as a De La Salle Brother. As the oldest living Kiwi Brother Ollie is an inspiration to many, old and young.

Although he can't get into the gardens as much now, the environment we have is largely thanks to his quiet hard work.

You can read more about Br Oliver in the latest college newsletter.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Happy Founder's Day

Today sees the annual celebration of the founder of the De La Salle order, St Jean Baptiste de la Salle. This has developed into a big day at the College, sometimes also referred to as Pie Day due to an innovation in the late 1980s where all students received a pie for lunch. Some of you might remember the very first attempt where we issued bread and soup in the gym - a mess that was never to be repeated!

The following is an outline of the programme for the day.

Mass including vertical form donations to the NP Foodbank (9am)
House Singing Competition - won last year by La Salle (10.30)
O'Shea Shield Performances (11.30)
The all important distribution of pies (12)