Thursday, 31 May 2007

Catch Ups

Some info from a couple of recent old boys contacts. It never ceases to amaze us where our students end up.
  • from John Connell - This is a blast from the past, I attended FDMC from 67 to 69, I left NZ in 77 after serving in the RNZN, served in the Rhodesian conflict 77 to 81, went to Swaziland in 81 and joined Toyota 85, posted to Toyota Malawi in 97, posted to Toyota Jamaica in 06
  • recently returned to New Plymouth to practice law, Stephen Dobson and William Barnes, both Year 13 students in 2001.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Well Done Brother Dave

Representative's of the De La Salle Brothers have been meeting in Rome over the last few weeks to consider a wide range of issues. One of the items on their agenda was the appointment of Brothers to the top positions within the order. As you can see in the photo Br Dave Hawke has been given responsibility for the Australasian and South East Asian region.

Br Dave taught at FDMC in the 1970's and then went on to Mangere and later became the Brother Provincial for our region. Brother Dave has recently been based in Singapore.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Wedding Bells

There seems to be a lot of weddings going on lately. Here are a few wedding photos that record the blessed events.

Tim and Helen Stuck (top left) were married back in February. Michael and Matthew, also old boys, where there to make sure he made no mistakes.

Richard Smiley married Anna recently in Auckland, while last Saturday Simon Costello and his wife Krystina had a wedding blessing ceremony in the college chapel, having been married several weeks previously in Hawaii.

Not to be out done, past Head Boy Deacon Manu is to marry his partner Carmel in New Plymouth in early June (photos at a later date).

If you have information, or better yet photos, of recent old boys weddings don't hesitate to let us know.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Saturday Mornings

Our last post showed the college grounds in a soggy state so we have included this shot to redress the balance. The older old boys will note the presence of the grandstand, an addition made in Br Bill Firman's time as Principal. The very observant and more recent old boys will spot the new colour of the main school buildings. Any one else can just admire the rugby.

The photo was taken by one of our roving cameramen Br Peter Smyth.

Friday, 25 May 2007

St John's Hastings Visit

This week saw the annual exchange with St John's Hastings. The highlight was the weather with most of the games being played during one of the largest rainstorms we have seen for some time. The agriculture department estimates an inch of rain fell during the 2nd XV game alone. Despite the conditions the FDMC boys did very well with a clean sweep of the opposition.

Individual team results were
Senior A Basketball won 72 - 43
1st XI Hockey won 10 - 0
2nd XV Rugby won 36 - 5
1st XI Soccer won 2 - 0
1st XV Rugby won 56 - 0

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Our Spies Are Out

A quick post to tell a few tales on some recent contacts.

  • Mark Heath was spotted in a recent Dominion photo receiving his graduation certificate. Amazing how the school tie stands out in these situations.
  • We had an email from Tamatoa Rima ('98-'01) who is now based in Western Australia. Tamatoa is working in construction and is looking to go into ministry for his local church in Joondalup.
  • Good to see a number of old boys moving back to NP. Spotted at a recent rugby do were Nathan Smith (working at the hospital), Tony Temple (now a father) and Anton Winstanley (considering a rugby come back).
Let us know if you have a tale to tell.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

New Construction

It is not just the first dayers who got to build things. Our latest addition is a new playground area, built at the back of the swimming pool.

The playground is designed for the use of the Year 7 and 8 students giving them an area which is away from the the "big boys". We currently have around 180 juniors so they do need a fair bit of play space.

The playground was largely paid for from the PTA coffers, which was much appreciated by all concerned.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Under Construction

Another photo in our series of first year images. It must have been a real challenge for everyone concerned to be running a school with all of this stuff going on. Makes you wonder what OSH would have made of it - actually I think we all know the answer to that one.

The covered walkway is now gone but the hostel remains as testimony to its builders.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Catch Up

Good to hear from so many old boys recently. Recent contacts have included
  • Nathan Hessell who is teaching in Korea and developing a new appreciation for the dynamics of a classroom.
  • Luke Mustchin has been working for Unilever in Auckland since leaving university at the end of 2004. Earlier this year in Australia he received the award for New Zealand salesman of the year for the Company and has just been appointed Regional ( New Zealand) Manager for food. He works from the head office in Carlton Gore Road in New Market.
  • Michael Wills is living in Perth, Western Australia with his wife Sharon and two kids Aimee and Ollie.
  • Allan Watt (1970-73) is living in Auckland and is the Managing Director of Paragon Forensics
Keep that info rolling in guys.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Sports Colours

Yesterday saw the sports colours assembly, recognising the students who have made an outstanding contribution in one or more sporting areas. Simon Gillum, an old boy, acted as our guest speaker and helped give out the colours. He is pictured with Nick Siffleet, this year's Head Boy and Tim Stuck (1990s) who is our current HOD of PE.

The colours list was;

Nathan Coombes.....Athletics
Jay Gable.....Sailing
Matthew Eager...... Basketball
Morgan Hall...... Soccer
Nick Siffleet...... Basketball
Josh Walden ...... Tennis
Nick Henderson ...... Cricket
Caleb Mawson ...... Cricket
Ethan Bolstad...... Cricket
James Fastier ...... Hockey
Ben Schaare ...... Hockey
Kane Hughes ...... Hockey
Paul Moriarty ...... Sailing
Maxim Van Lierde...... Surfing
Liam Coltman...... Rugby & Surfing
Trent Lochhead...... Sailing

Being Lasallian

Br Peter Ryan has passed on this image which has been created by one of the Brothers working in Rome. It highlights the fact that we are all part of the great tradition no matter where we might be.

If you click on the image you will see it in more depth and detail.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Recent Success

We have been very encouraged by the response to our recent ad in the Daily News, with well over a hundred people visiting the blog the next day. As a reader you can help us by spreading the word and the URL to any old boys you come across.

A couple of recent efforts of note.
  • Nik Kiser (early 2000's) has just won the national KZ2 kart racing title. Nik was always a keen petrol head who has put a lot into the sport since leaving school.
  • Jason Senior (current Y13) has recently won a national environmental essay competition.
  • Matthew Easton (current Y13) is being sponsored by the Pukekura Rotary Club to attend the NZ Business Week
  • Joel Bernet (early 2000's) is now the sports coordinator at Spotswood College and we are informed, modeling himself on John George!
If you know of recent success by old boys or current students tell us about it b y leaving a comment.

Monday, 14 May 2007

My, how things have changed

This is the sort of photo that warms an old geography teacher's heart. It is a great shot of the brand spanking new college set on the out skirts of New Plymouth.

While the school itself is interesting it is the way the surrounding area has changed in 48 years that is most striking. Not even a Woolies for the boarders to supplement their diets from and enough space for Br Will to ride to his hearts content.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Where are they now?

This will be a regular post keeping you up to date with members of the FDMC community past and present. This post catches up with a few past staff.

  • Br Peter Bray is currently living in Wellington and working as the Director of the Catholic Education Centre
  • Br Tim Peter is living in Sydney and running the Brothers camp facility at Kincumber
  • Br Bill Firman is the Principal of De La Salle Malvern in Melbourne
  • Br Geoff Kennewell is working at the Brothers school in Balgo Hills
  • Mr John Whyte has returned to New Plymouth and is living close to the college on Julian Place

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

First Day Boys

What a bright, hopeful bunch of first day boys. It is a great photo contrasting their cheerful smiles and the building site they are entering.

The challenge is, how many of these bright young things can we name. If you have any ideas leave them as a comment with this post. If your eyes are dimming slightly clicking on the photo will give you an enlarged picture.

Monday, 7 May 2007

O'Shea Results

Our O'Shea Shield team returned today, not having won the competition, but having given a good account of themselves. This year's winner was St Patrick's Silverstream with a range of very polished performances.

Highlights for FDMC were Christian McSweeney-Novak (son of David Novak) retaining his Junior Speech title, Tim Hills scoring a 5 in the Senior Oratory and Thomas Dravitzki ( son of Stanley) performing very well in the Scripture Reading.

Other team members ( who's names may sound familiar) were David Hills, Ben Schaare, Kishan and Shehan Gunatunga, Chas Carroll, Matthew Easton, Simon Velvin, Scott Murphy, Jacob Bourke, William Rowlands, Thomas Landrigan and Scott Corboy.

Although not confirmed, there seems a good chance that the competition may be held at FDMC in 2009. There is nothing like a home advantage.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Son of ...

Pictured to the right is Nick Coulton playing the last post at this year's ANZAC assembly. Nick is the son of Paul Coulton, a student at FDMC in the early 80's, and currently a teacher of science and technology at the college.

Paul has been given leave next term to spend 6 weeks in the UK coaching rugby within their school system.

The ANZAC assembly was of a very high quality with a few tears noticed in the eyes of a number of staff members - yes they are getting softer!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

O'Shea Shield

This weekend sees our best speakers, debaters and actors traveling to Wellington to take part in the annual O'Shea Shield competition. This is an event that has been going on for many years and although we as a college have never won the overall shield, recent years have seen a number of individual winners and high overall placings for FDMC.

This year's competition is being held at Sacred Heart College in Lower Hutt on Saturday and Sunday. It would be great to have old boy support so feel free to call in if you are in the area.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

A Spirit of Giving

Peter Costello (known to many of you as Cossie) is our college coordinator for charitable works. Peter has contributed the following post.


Each year for the past few years the College has raised funds for the Catholic Bishops' annual Lenten appeal. This year was an exceptional response from the students, with $3250 raised in the 6 weeks of Lent. Many boys made very generous donations, with several of them contributing the wages from work shifts from their places of employment. Some students even made dollar for dollar gifts that matched the total of the rest of their vertical form. The leading Vertical Form in the end was Loreto 6 who raised $365 - an average of over $14 per student- and the winning House was Solomon who contributed over $1000.


Last year we started a scheme where each Vertical Form raised $300 to enable fellow Lasallians in schools and institutions throughout Sri Lanka, Southern India and Bangladesh to actually get an education. Each Form was given an individual child to sponsor and raised funds through Pizza sales, Warehouse sausage sizzles, Target the Teacher (several of them got rather wet when they agreed to be the target of wet sponges), chocolate drives, and just making donations. This scheme meant that 32 children for whom it would not have happened, were able to attend school. We are continuing the scheme this year and last week Br Paul Smith visited the College to promote this year's programme. The boys were clearly influenced by the stories Br. Paul told of how individuals had been greatly helped because of this project. It is possible for old boys and families to join this project, so if you are interested contact Peter Costello at the college, or e-mail

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

A Chance to be Cold

Are you scientifically or environmentally inclined, aged between 18 and 25 and not afraid of penguins? The Sir Peter Blake Trust is looking for applicants for an Antarctic Youth Ambassador to spend the summer months on the ice.

As a student or recent old boy you can access more information and an application form at . It would be great to see the La Sallian spirit represented on the coldest continent.